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Details12492012Chuan, Ching-Hua ; Chew, ElaineCreating Ground Truth for Audio Key Finding: When the Title Key May Not Be the KeyPOS247-252
Details692002Clarisse, L. P. ; Martens, Jean-Pierre ; Lesaffre, Micheline ; De Baets, Bernard ; De Meyer, Hans ; Leman, MarcAn Auditory Model Based Transcriber of Singing SequencesPAP116-123
Details702000Clausen, Michael ; Engelbrecht, R. ; Meyer, D. ; Schmitz, J.PROMS: A Web-based Tool for Searching in Polyphonic MusicPAP10
Details712000Cliff, Dave ; Freeburn, HeppieExploration of Point-Distribution Models for Similarity-based Classification and Indexing of Polyphonic MusicPOS2p.
Details722006Clifford, Raphael ; Christodoulakis, Manolis ; Crawford, Tim ; Meredith, David ; Wiggins, Geraint A.A Fast, Randomized, Maximum Subset Matching Algorithm forĀ PAP 
Details732005Collins, NickUsing a Pitch Detector for Onset DetectionPAP100-106
Details9582010Collins, NickComputational Analysis of Musical Influence: A Musicological Case Study Using MIR ToolsPAP177-182
Details12082012Collins, NickInfluence in Early Electronic Dance Music: An Audio Content Analysis InvestigationPAP1-6
Details9442010Collins, Tom ; Thurlow, Jeremy ; Laney, Robin ; Willis, Alistair ; Garthwaite, Paul H.A Comparative Evaluation of Algorithms for Discovering Translational Patterns in Baroque Keyboard WorksPAP3-8
Details9622010Conklin, Darrell ; Bergeron, MathieuDiscovery of Contrapuntal PatternsPAP201-206
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