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Details11762011Mayer, Rudolf ; Rauber, AndreasMusic Genre Classification by Ensembles of Audio and Lyrics FeaturesPAP675-680
Details11752011Dieleman, Sander ; Brakel, Philémon ; Schrauwen, BenjaminAudio-based Music Classification with a Pretrained Convolutional NetworkPAP669-674
Details11922011Bennett, Christopher ; McNeer, Richard ; Leider, ColbyUrgency Analysis of Audible Alarms in the Operating RoomPAP771-776
Details11742011Foucard, Rémi ; Essid, Slim ; Lagrange, Mathieu ; Richard, GaëlMulti-Scale Temporal Fusion by Boosting for Music ClassificationPAP663-668
Details11912011Wang, Xing ; Chen, Xiaoou ; Yang, Deshun ; Wu, YuqianMusic Emotion Classification of Chinese Songs Based on Lyrics Using TF*IDF and RhymePAP765-770
Details11902011Schuller, Björn ; Weninger, Felix ; Dorfner, JohannesMulti-Modal Non-Prototypical Music Mood Analysis in Continuous Space: Reliability and PerformancesPAP759-764
Details11892011Cabredo, Rafael ; Legaspi, Roberto ; Numao, MasayukiIdentifying Emotion Segments in Music by Discovering Motifs in Physiological DataPAP753-758
Details11882011Vaizman, Yonatan ; Granot, Roni Y. ; Lanckriet, GertModeling Dynamic Patterns for Emotional Content in MusicPAP747-752
Details11872011Davies, Sam ; Allen, Penelope ; Mann, Mark ; Cox, TrevorMusical Moods: A Mass Participation Experiment for Affective Classification of MusicPAP741-746
Details11862011Mann, Mark ; Cox, Trevor ; Li, FrancisMusic Mood Classification of Television Theme TunesPAP735-740
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