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Details11482011Martin, Benjamin ; Hanna, Pierre ; Ta, Vinh-Thong ; Ferraro, Pascal ; Desainte-Catherine, MyriamExemplar-based Assignment of Large Missing Audio Parts using String Matching on Tonal FeaturesPAP507-512
Details11472011Foster, Peter ; Klapuri, Anssi ; Plumbley, Mark D.Causal Prediction of Continuous-Valued Music FeaturesPAP501-506
Details11452011Mauch, Matthias ; Levy, MarkStructural Change on Multiple Time Scales as a Correlate of Musical ComplexityPAP489-494
Details11462011Panagakis, Yannis ; Kotropoulos, Constantine ; Arce, Gonzalo R.$ell_1$-Graph Based Music Structure AnalysisPAP495-500
Details11442011Sargent, Gabriel ; Bimbot, Frédéric ; Vincent, EmmanuelA Regularity-Constrained Viterbi Algorithm and Its Application to the Structural Segmentation of SongsPAP483-488
Details11432011Chen, Ruofeng ; Li, MingMusic Structural Segmentation by Combining Harmonic and Timbral InformationPAP477-482
Details11422011Fazekas, György ; Sandler, MarkThe Studio Ontology FrameworkPAP471-476
Details11412011Kolozali, Sefki ; Barthet, Mathieu ; Fazekas, György ; Sandler, MarkKnowledge Representation Issues in Musical Instrument Ontology DesignPAP465-470
Details11402011McKay, Cory ; Bainbridge, DavidA Musical Web Mining and Audio Feature Extraction Extension to the Greenstone Digital Library SoftwarePAP459-464
Details11392011Macrae, Robert ; Dixon, SimonGuitar Tab Mining, Analysis and RankingPAP453-458
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