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Details2882006McEnnis, Daniel ; McKay, Cory ; Fujinaga, IchiroOverview of On-demand Metadata Extraction Network (OMEN)PAP 
Details2892005McEnnis, Daniel ; McKay, Cory ; Fujinaga, Ichiro ; Depalle, PhilippejAudio: An Feature Extraction LibraryPOS 
Details2902006McKay, Cory ; McEnnis, Daniel ; Fujinaga, IchiroA Large Publicly Accessible Database of Annotated Audio for Music ResearchPAP 
Details2912006McKay, Cory ; Fujinaga, IchiroMusical Genre Classification: Is it worth pursuing and how can it be PAP 
Details2922004McKay, Cory ; Fujinaga, IchiroAutomatic Genre Classification Using Large High-Level Musical Feature SetsPAP 
Details2942006van de Par, Steven ; McKinney, Martin F. ; Redert, AndréMusical Key Extraction from Audio using Profile TrainingPOS 
Details2952004McKinney, Martin F. ; Moelants, DirkExtracting the perceptual tempo from musicPOS 
Details2962003McKinney, Martin F. ; Breebaart, JeroenFeatures for audio and music classificationPAP 
Details3022005Meng, Anders ; Shawe-Taylor, JohnAn Investigation of Feature Models for Music Genre Classification Using the Support Vector ClassifierPOS 
Details3042005Mesaros, Annamaria ; Astola, JaakkoThe Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients in the Context of Singer IdentificationPOS 
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