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Details3572003Pickens, JeremyKey-specific shrinkage techniques for harmonic modelsPOS 
Details3592005Pickens, JeremyClassifier Combination for Capturing Musical VariationPOS 
Details3632004Pienimäki, Anna ; Lemström, KjellClustering Symbolic Music Using Paradigmatic and Surface Level AnalysesPOS 
Details3662005Pikrakis, Aggelos ; Theodoridis, SergiosA Novel HMM Approach to Melody Spotting in Raw Audio RecordingsPOS 
Details3702002Pollastri, EmanueleSome Considerations About Processing Singing Voice for Music RetrievalPOS285-286
Details3722005Raphael, ChristopherA Graphical Model for Recognizing Sung MelodiesPOS 
Details3762004Raphael, ChristopherDemonstration of 'Music Plus One'--- a System for Orchestral Musical AccompanimenPOS 
Details3832003Ricard, Julien ; Herrera-Boyer, PerfectoUsing morphological description for generic sound retrievalPOS 
Details3882003Roland, PerryDesign patterns in XML music representationPOS 
Details3912006Ruppin, Adi ; Yeshurun, HezyMIDI Genre Classification by Invariant FeaturesPOS 
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