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Details4592003Uitdenbogerd, Alexandra L. ; Yap, Yaw WahWas Parsons right? An experiment in usability of music representations for melody-based music retrievalPAP75-79
Details8932009Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Nichols, David M.Exploring Social Music Behavior: An Investigation of Music Selection at PartiesPAP747-752
Details11882011Vaizman, Yonatan ; Granot, Roni Y. ; Lanckriet, GertModeling Dynamic Patterns for Emotional Content in MusicPAP747-752
Details8922009Bade, Korinna ; Nürnberger, Andreas ; Stober, Sebastian ; Garbers, Jörg ; Wiering, FransSupporting Folk-Song Research by Automatic Metric Learning and RankingPAP741-746
Details11872011Davies, Sam ; Allen, Penelope ; Mann, Mark ; Cox, TrevorMusical Moods: A Mass Participation Experiment for Affective Classification of MusicPAP741-746
Details8912009Müller, Meinard ; Grosche, Peter ; Wiering, FransRobust Segmentation and Annotation of Folk Song RecordingsPAP735-740
Details11862011Mann, Mark ; Cox, Trevor ; Li, FrancisMusic Mood Classification of Television Theme TunesPAP735-740
Details362001Birmingham, William P. ; Dannenberg, Roger B. ; Wakefield, Gregory H. ; Bartsch, Mark A. ; Mazzoni, Dominic ; Meek, Colin ; Mellody, Maureen ; Rand, WilliamMUSART: Music Retrieval Via Aural QueriesPAP73-81
Details10752011Wolff, Daniel ; Weyde, TillmanAdapting Metrics for Music Similarity Using Comparative RatingsPAP73-78
Details12202012Font, Frederic ; Serrà, Joan ; Serra, XavierFolksonomy-based Tag Recommendation for Online Audio Clip SharingPOS73-78
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