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Details12112012Yang, Yi-Hsuan ; Hu, XiaoCross-cultural Music Mood Classification: A Comparison on English and Chinese SongsPAP19-24
Details4892004Yang, Dan ; Lee, WonSookDisambiguating Music Emotion Using Software AgentsPAP 
Details4882002Yang, ChengMACSIS: A Scalable Acoustic Index for Content-Based Music RetrievalPAP53-62
Details6402001Yang, ChengMusic Database Retrieval Based on Spectral SimilarityPOS37-38
Details4872005Xue, Wen ; Sandler, MarkA Partial Searching Algorithm and Its Application for Polyphonic Music Transcription.POS 
Details8382009Xu, Xin ; Naito, Masaki ; Kato, Tsuneo ; Kawai, HisashiRobust and Fast Lyric Search Based on Phonetic Confusion MatrixPOS417-422
Details11822011Xie, Bo ; Bian, Wei ; Tao, Dacheng ; Chordia, ParagMusic Tagging with Regularized Logistic RegressionPAP711-716
Details10852011Xiao, Qingmei ; Suzuki, Motoyuki ; Kita, KenjiFast Hamming Space Search for Audio Fingerprinting SystemsPAP133-138
Details7672008Xiao, Linxing ; Tian, Aibo ; Li, Wen ; Zhou, JieUsing Statistic Model to Capture the Association Between Timbre and Perceived TempoPAP659-662
Details10862011Xia, Guangyu ; Liang, Dawen ; Dannenberg, Roger B. ; Harvilla, Mark J.Segmentation, Clustering, and Display in a Personal Audio Database for MusiciansPAP139-144
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