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Details322000Bendor, Daniel ; Sandler, MarkTime Domain Extraction of Vibrato from Monophonic InstrumentsPOS2p.
Details2772000MacLellan, Donald ; Boehm, CarolaMuTaTeD'll: A System for Music Information Retrieval of Encoded MusicPOS2p.
Details602000Chai, Wei ; Vercoe, BarryUsing User Models in Music Information Retrieval SystemsPOS2p.
Details712000Cliff, Dave ; Freeburn, HeppieExploration of Point-Distribution Models for Similarity-based Classification and Indexing of Polyphonic MusicPOS2p.
Details1412000Georgaki, Anastasia ; Raptis, Spyros ; Bakamidis, SteliosA Music Interface for Visually Impaired People in the WEDELMUSIC Environment. Design and ArchitecturePOS2p.
Details1492000Good, MichaelRepresenting Music Using XMLPOS2p.
Details1952000Itoh, MariSubject Search for Music: Quantitative Analysis of Access Point SelectionPOS2p.
Details1982000İzmirli, ÖzgürUsing a Spectral Flatness Based Feature for Audio Segmentation and Retrieval POS2p.
Details2122000Kiernan, Francis J.Score-based Style Recognition Using Artificial Neural NetworksPOS2p.
Details2172000Kim, Youngmoo E. ; Chai, Wei ; Garcia, Ricardo ; Vercoe, BarryAnalysis of a Contour-based Representation for Melody POS2p.
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