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Details9062009Junker, Christian ; Knees, PeterDisc-JoQey: A Semi-Automatic Application to Segment and Tag Recordings from VinylsDEM 
Details9072009Lee, Tan ; Yeung, Yu-Ting ; Suman, Senapati ; Lee, Y. S. W. ; Mak, Chun-Man ; Lam, Wang-Kong ; Xia, Yunqing ; Zheng, Nengheng ; Chan, AlexDJX: A Content-Based Recommendation System for Chinese Pop SongsDEM 
Details9052009Garbers, Jörg ; van Kranenburg, PeterBridging Music Information Retrieval and Folk Song Research - The Computational Setup of the WITCHCRAFT ProjectDEM 
Details9042009Schmidt, Erik M. ; Kim, Youngmoo E.Projection of Acoustic Features to Continuous Valence-Arousal Mood Labels via RegressionDEM 
Details9032009Serrà, JoanAssessing the Results of a Cover Song Identification System with coverSSSSearchDEM 
Details9022009Peeters, Geoffroy ; Deruty, EmmanuelToward Music Structure AnnotationDEM 
Details9012009Fields, Benjamin ; Rhodes, ChristopheAn Audience Steerable Automatic Music Director for Online Radio BroadcastDEM 
Details9002009Rafael, Brigitte ; Oertl, StefanA Two-Layer Approach for Multi-Track Segmentation of Symbolic MusicDEM 
Details8992009Kusama, Kaori ; Itoh, TakayukiMusCat: A Music Browser Featuring Abstract Picture and Zooming User InterfaceDEM 
Details8982009Machida, Wakako ; Itoh, TakayukiLyricon -Visualization of Music Structure by Automatic Multiple Icon Selection-DEM 
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