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Details12512012Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Bainbridge, David ; Downie, J. StephenThe Impact of MIREX on Scholarly Research (2005 POS259-264
Details812006Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Bainbridge, David ; Falconer, A.More of an Art than a Science': Supporting the Creation of Playlists and MixesPAP 
Details5972007Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Bainbridge, David ; McKay, DanaFinding New Music: A Diary Study of Everyday Encounters with Novel SongsPAP83-88
Details822005Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Downie, J. Stephen ; Bainbridge, David"The Pain ; the Pain": Modelling Music Information Behavior and the Songs We HatePOS 
Details8932009Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Nichols, David M.Exploring Social Music Behavior: An Investigation of Music Selection at PartiesPAP747-752
Details9292010Cuthbert, Michael Scott ; Ariza, ChristopherMusic21: A Toolkit for Computer-Aided Musicology and Symbolic Music DataPAP637-642
Details11282011Cuthbert, Michael Scott ; Ariza, Christopher ; Friedland, LisaFeature Extraction and Machine Learning on Symbolic Music Using the music21 ToolkitPAP387-392
Details10682011Daido, Ryunosuke ; Hahm, Seong-Jun ; Ito, Masashi ; Makino, Shozo ; Ito, AkinoriA System for Evaluating Singing Enthusiasm for KaraokePAP31-36
Details832005Dalitz, Christophe ; Karsten, ThomasUsing the Gamera Framework for Building a Lute Tablature Recognition SystemPOS 
Details7502008Daniel, Adrien ; Emiya, Valentin ; David, BertrandPerceptually-Based Evaluation of the Errors Usually Made When Automatically Transcribing MusicPAP550-555
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