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Details3632004Pienimäki, Anna ; Lemström, KjellClustering Symbolic Music Using Paradigmatic and Surface Level AnalysesPOS 
Details4282004Stuart, Craig ; Liu, Yi-Wen ; Selfridge-Field, EleanorSearch Effectiveness Measures for Symbolic Music Queries in Very Large DatabasesPAP 
Details3122004Müllensiefen, Daniel ; Frieler, KlausOptimizing Measures Of Melodic Similarity For The Exploration Of A Large Folk Song DatabasePAP 
Details4472004Typke, Rainer ; Wiering, Frans ; Veltkamp, Remco C.A search method for notated polyphonic music with pitch and tempo fluctuationsPAP 
Details2762004Lubiw, Anna ; Tanur, LukePattern Matching in Polyphonic Music as a Weighted Geometric Translation ProblemPAP 
Details1942004Ito, Akinori ; Heo, Sung-Phil ; Suzuki, Motoyuki ; Makino, ShozoComparison Of Features For DP-Matching Based Query-by-Humming SystemPAP 
Details42004Adams, Norman H. ; Bartsch, Mark A. ; Shifrin, Jonah B. ; Wakefield, Gregory H.Time Series Alignment for Music Information RetrievalPAP 
Details552004Casey, Michael ; Crawford, TimAutomatic Location And Measurement Of Score-based Gestures In Audio RecordingsPAP 
Details22004Abdallah, Samer A. ; Plumbley, Mark D.Polyphonic transcription by non-negative sparse coding of power spectraPAP 
Details3162004Nesbit, Andrew ; Hollenberg, Lloyd ; Senyard, AnthonyTowards Automatic Transcription of Australian Aboriginal MusicPAP 
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