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Details402004Brossier, Paul M. ; Bello, Juan Pablo ; Plumbley, Mark D.Fast labelling of notes in music signalsPAP 
Details3532004Pedro, Jose ; Tarasov, Vadim ; Batlle, Eloi ; Guaus, Enric ; Masip, JaumeIndustrial audio fingerprinting distributed system with CORBA and Web ServicesPOS 
Details4142004Shrestha, Prarthana ; Kalker, TonAudio Fingerprinting In Peer-to-peer NetworksPOS 
Details2282004Krishnaswamy, ArvindhMelodic Atoms for Transcribing Carnatic MusicPOS 
Details2012004Jan, Peter ; Lagendijk, R. L.Stochastic Model of a Robust Audio Fingerprinting SystemPOS 
Details3312004Pachet, François ; Zils, AymericAutomatic extraction of music descriptors from acoustic signalsPOS 
Details4322004Takeda, Haruto ; Nishimoto, Takuya ; Sagayama, ShigekiRhythm and Tempo Recognition of Music Performance from a Probabilistic ApproachPAP 
Details3132004Müller, Meinard ; Kurth, Frank ; Röder, TidoTowards an Efficient Algorithm for Automatic Score-to-Audio SynchronizationPAP 
Details4412004Toyoda, Ken'ichi ; Noike, Kenzi ; Katayose, HaruhiroUtility System For Constructing Database Of Performance DeviationsPAP 
Details4112004Shalev-Shwartz, Shai ; Keshet, Joseph ; Singer, YoramLearning to Align Polyphonic MusicPAP 
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