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Details1232004Essid, Slim ; Richard, Gaël ; David, BertrandMusical instrument recognition based on class pairwise feature selectionPAP 
Details1322004Frieler, KlausBeat and meter extraction using gaussified onsetsPAP 
Details1482004Gómez, Emilia ; Herrera-Boyer, PerfectoEstimating The Tonality Of Polyphonic Audio Files: Cognitive Versus Machine Learning Modelling StrategiesPOS 
Details1542004Goto, Masataka ; Itou, Katunobu ; Kitayama, Koji ; Kobayashi, TetsunoriSpeech-Recognition Interfaces for Music Information Retrieval: 'Speech Completion' and 'Speech Spotter'PAP 
Details1572004Gouyon, Fabien ; Dixon, SimonDance music classification: A tempo-based approachPOS 
Details1592004Grachten, Maarten ; Arcos, Josep Lluis ; Mántaras, Ramon López deMelodic Similarity: Looking for a Good Abstraction LevelPAP 
Details1602004Gruhne, Matthias ; Uhle, Christian ; Dittmar, Christian ; Cremer, MarkusExtraction of Drum Patterns and their Description within the MPEG-7 High-Level-FrameworkPOS 
Details1632004Guo, AnYuan ; Siegelmann, HavaTime-Warped Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm for Music RetrievalPOS 
Details1642004Lee, Jin Ha ; Downie, J. StephenSurvey Of Music Information Needs, Uses, And Seeking Behaviours: Preliminary FindingsPAP 
Details1682004Hanna, Pierre ; Louis, Nicolas ; Desainte-Catherine, Myriam ; Benois-Pineau, JennyAudio Features for Noisy Sound SegmentationPOS 
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