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Details3712006Pugin, LaurentOptical Music Recognition of Early Typographic Prints using Hidden Markov ModelsPAP 
Details3722005Raphael, ChristopherA Graphical Model for Recognizing Sung MelodiesPOS 
Details3752004Raphael, ChristopherA Hybrid Graphical Model for Aligning Polyphonic Audio with Musical ScoresPAP 
Details3762004Raphael, ChristopherDemonstration of 'Music Plus One'--- a System for Orchestral Musical AccompanimenPOS 
Details3772003Raphael, Christopher ; Stoddard, JoshHarmonic analysis with probabilistic graphical modelsPAP 
Details3782001Raskin, JefMaking Machines PalatableINV 
Details3802006Reed, Jeremy ; Lee, Chin-HuiA Study on Music Genre Classification Based on Universal Acoustic ModelsĀ PAP 
Details3812004Reiss, Joshua D. ; Sandler, MarkAudio Issues In MIR EvaluationPAP 
Details3832003Ricard, Julien ; Herrera-Boyer, PerfectoUsing morphological description for generic sound retrievalPOS 
Details3842006Riley, Jenn ; Mayer, Constance A.Ask a Librarian: The Role of Librarians in the Music Information RetrievalĀ PAP 
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