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Details10892011Serrà Joan ; Koduri, Gopala K. ; Miron, Marius ; Serra, XavierAssessing the Tuning of Sung Indian Classical MusicPAP157-162
Details10882011Serra, XavierA Multicultural Approach in Music Information ResearchPAP151-156
Details10872011Gulluni, Sébastien ; Essid, Slim ; Buisson, Olivier ; Richard, GaëlAn Interactive System for Electro-Acoustic Music AnalysisPAP145-150
Details10862011Xia, Guangyu ; Liang, Dawen ; Dannenberg, Roger B. ; Harvilla, Mark J.Segmentation, Clustering, and Display in a Personal Audio Database for MusiciansPAP139-144
Details10852011Xiao, Qingmei ; Suzuki, Motoyuki ; Kita, KenjiFast Hamming Space Search for Audio Fingerprinting SystemsPAP133-138
Details10842011Schreiber, Hendrik ; Grosche, Peter ; Müller, MeinardA Re-ordering Strategy for Accelerating Index-based Audio FingerprintingPAP127-132
Details10832011Fenet, Sébastien ; Richard, Gaël ; Grenier, YvesA Scalable Audio Fingerprint Method with Robustness to Pitch-ShiftingPAP121-126
Details10822011Ren, Gang ; Bocko, Gregory ; Lundberg, Justin ; Roessner, Stephen ; Headlam, Dave ; Bocko, Mark F.A Real-Time Signal Processing Framework of Musical Expressive Feature Extraction Using MatlabPAP115-120
Details10812011Lee, Jin HaHow Similar Is Too Similar?: Exploring Users' Perceptions of Similarity in Playlist EvaluationPAP109-114
Details10802011Hu, Yajie ; Ogihara, MitsunoriNextOne Player: A Music Recommendation System Based on User BehaviorPAP103-108
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