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Details10792011Bogdanov, Dmitry ; Herrera, PerfectoHow Much Metadata Do We Need in Music Recommendation? A Subjective Evaluation Using Preference SetsPAP97-102
Details10782011Ahonen, Teppo E. ; Lemström, Kjell ; Linkola, SimoCompression-based Similarity Measures in Symbolic, Polyphonic MusicPAP91-96
Details10772011Wang, Ju-Chiang ; Lee, Hung-Shin ; Wang, Hsin-Min ; Jeng, Shyh-KangLearning the Similarity of Audio Music in Bag-of-Frames Representation from Tagged Music DataPAP85-90
Details10762011Schnitzer, Dominik ; Flexer, Arthur ; Schedl, Markus ; Widmer, GerhardUsing Mutual Proximity to Improve Content-based Audio SimilarityPAP79-84
Details10752011Wolff, Daniel ; Weyde, TillmanAdapting Metrics for Music Similarity Using Comparative RatingsPAP73-78
Details10742011De Haas, W. Bas ; Magalhães, José Pedro ; Veltkamp, Remco C. ; Wiering, FransHARMTRACE: Improving Harmonic Similarity Estimation Using Functional Harmony AnalysisPAP67-72
Details10732011Garcia-Diez, Silvia ; Saerens, Marco ; Senelle, Mathieu ; Fouss, FrançoisA Simple-Cycles Weighted Kernel Based on Harmony Structure for Similarity RetrievalPAP61-66
Details10722011McFee, Brian ; Lanckriet, GertLarge-Scale Music Similarity Search with Spatial TreesPAP55-60
Details10712011de la Bandera, Cristina ; Barbancho, Ana M. ; Tardón, Lorenzo J. ; Sammartino, Simone ; Barbancho, IsabelHumming Method for Content-based Music Information RetrievalPAP49-54
Details10702011Unal, Erdem ; Chew, Elaine ; Georgiou, Panayiotis ; Narayanan, Shrikanth S.A Perplexity Based Cover Song Matching System for Short Length QueriesPAP43-48
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