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Details4152006Sigurdsson, Sigurdur ; Petersen, K. Brandt ; Lehn-Schioler, TueMel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients: An Evaluation of Robustness of MP3 Encoded MusicPAP 
Details4162006Sinclair, Stephen ; Droettboom, Michael ; Fujinaga, IchiroLilypond for pyScore: Approaching a universal translator for music notationPOS 
Details4172004Singer, JaneCreating a nested melodic representation: competition and cooperation among bottom-up and top-down Gestalt principlesPOS 
Details4182005Sinyor, Elliot ; McKay, Cory ; Fiebrink, Rebecca ; McEnnis, Daniel ; Fujinaga, IchiroBeatbox Classification Using ACEPOS 
Details4192006Skowronek, Janto ; McKinney, Martin F. ; van de Par, StevenGround Truth for Automatic Music Mood ClassificationPOS 
Details4232003Soulez, Ferréol ; Rodet, Xavier ; Schwarz, DiemoImproving polyphonic and poly-instrumental music to score alignmentPAP 
Details4252004Downie, J. Stephen ; Futrelle, Joe ; Tcheng, DavidThe International Music Information Retrieval Systems Evaluation Laboratory: Governance, Access and SecurityPAP 
Details4262004Stoddard, Josh ; Raphael, Christopher ; Utgoff, Paul E.Well-Tempered Spelling: A Key Invariant Pitch Spelling AlgorithmPAP 
Details4282004Stuart, Craig ; Liu, Yi-Wen ; Selfridge-Field, EleanorSearch Effectiveness Measures for Symbolic Music Queries in Very Large DatabasesPAP 
Details4292004Suyoto, Iman S. H. ; Uitdenbogerd, Alexandra L.Exploring Microtonal MatchingPAP 
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