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Details3082005Mörchen, Fabian ; Ultsch, Alfred ; Nöcker, Mario ; Stamm, ChristianDatabionic Visualization of Music Collections According to Perceptual DistancePAP396-403
Details3102006Müller, Meinard ; Mattes, Henning ; Kurth, FrankAn Efficient Multiscale Approach to Audio SynchronizationPAP 
Details3112005Müller, Meinard ; Kurth, Frank ; Clausen, MichaelAudio Matching via Chroma-Based Statistical FeaturesPAP288-295
Details3122004Müllensiefen, Daniel ; Frieler, KlausOptimizing Measures Of Melodic Similarity For The Exploration Of A Large Folk Song DatabasePAP 
Details3132004Müller, Meinard ; Kurth, Frank ; Röder, TidoTowards an Efficient Algorithm for Automatic Score-to-Audio SynchronizationPAP 
Details3162004Nesbit, Andrew ; Hollenberg, Lloyd ; Senyard, AnthonyTowards Automatic Transcription of Australian Aboriginal MusicPAP 
Details3182004Neve, Giovanna ; Orio, NicolaIndexing and Retrieval of Music Documents through Pattern Analysis and Data Fusion TechniquesPAP 
Details3202006Nichols, Eric ; Raphael, ChristopherGlobally Optimal Audio PartitioningPAP 
Details3212001Nishimura, Takuichi ; Hashiguchi, Hiroki ; Takita, Junko ; Zhang, J. Xin ; Goto, Masataka ; Oka, RyuichiMusic Signal Spotting Retrieval by a Humming Query Using Start Frame Feature Dependent Continuous Dynamic ProgrammingPAP211-218
Details3222006Noland, Katy ; Sandler, MarkKey Estimation Using a Hidden Markov ModelPAP 
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