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Details10492010Knopke, IanDemonstration of the PerlHumdrum Analysis Toolkit (PHAT)DEM 
Details10482010Pugin, LaurentThe Music Inventory DatabaseDEM 
Details10472010Vatolkin, Igor ; Theimer, Wolfgang ; Botteck, MartinA Demo of AMUSE (Advanced MUSic Explorer)DEM 
Details10462010Kaneko, Hitomi ; Kawakami, Daisuke ; Sagayama, ShigekiFunctional Harmony Annotation Database for Statistical Music AnalysisDEM 
Details10452010Lidy, ThomasSonarflow: Visual Music Exploration and DiscoveryDEM 
Details10442010Ellis, Daniel P. W.; Whitman, Brian ; Jehan, Tristan ; Lamere, PaulThe Echo Nest Musical FingerprintDEM 
Details10432010Fiebrink, Rebecca ; Cook, PerryThe Wekinator: A System for Real-time, Interactive Machine Learning in MusicDEM 
Details10422010Mearns, Lesley ; Dixon, SimonCharacterisation of Composer Style using High Level Musical FeaturesDEM 
Details10412010Bol, Chris ; Burgt, Stan van de ; Vries, Arjen deCloudspeakersDEM 
Details10402010Chen, RuofengFight Against Variant Tempo: Query by Humming and ClappingDEM 
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