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Details4932005Yu, Yi ; Watanabe, Chiemi ; Joe, KazukiTowards a Fast and Efficient Match Algorithm for Content-Based Music Retrieval on Acoustic DataPOS 
Details512005Cantone, Domenico ; Cristofaro, Salvatore ; Faro, SimoneOn Tuning the (δ ;α)-Sequential-Sampling Algorithm for δ-Approximate Matching with Alpha-Bounded Gaps in Musical SequencesPOS 
Details682005Chuan, Ching-Hua ; Chew, ElaineFuzzy Analysis in Pitch-Class Determination for Polyphonic Audio Key FindingPAP296-303
Details302005Bello, Juan Pablo ; Pickens, JeremyA Robust Mid-Level Representation for Harmonic Content in Music SignalsPAP304-311
Details2112005Karydis, Ioannis ; Nanopoulos, Alexandros ; Papadopoulos, Apostolos N. ; Katsaros, Dimitrios ; Manolopoulos, YannisContent-Based Music Information Retrieval in Wireless Ad-Hoc NetworksPAP137-144
Details612005Chai, Wei ; Vercoe, BarryDetection of Key Change in Classical Piano MusicPOS 
Details3662005Pikrakis, Aggelos ; Theodoridis, SergiosA Novel HMM Approach to Melody Spotting in Raw Audio RecordingsPOS 
Details4442005Tsai, Wei-Ho ; Yu, Hung-Ming ; Wang, Hsin-MinA Query-By-Example Technique for Retrieving Cover Versions of Popular Songs with Similar MelodiesPAP183-190
Details3022005Meng, Anders ; Shawe-Taylor, JohnAn Investigation of Feature Models for Music Genre Classification Using the Support Vector ClassifierPOS 
Details4382005Toiviainen, Petri ; Eerola, TuomasClassification of Musical Metre with Autocorrelation and Discriminant FunctionsPAP351-357
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