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Details4652004Vignoli, Fabio ; van Gulik, Rob ; van de Wetering, HuubMapping Music In The Palm Of Your Hand, Explore And Discover Your CollectionPAP 
Details4672004Vincent, Emmanuel ; Rodet, XavierInstrument identification in solo and ensemble music using Independent Subspace AnalysisPAP 
Details4742004West, Kris ; Cox, StephenFeatures and classifiers for the automatic classification of musical audio signalsPAP 
Details4752004Weyde, TillmanThe Influence of Pitch on Melodic SegmentationPOS 
Details4782004Whitman, Brian ; Ellis, Daniel P. W.Automatic Record ReviewsPAP 
Details4832004Wood, Gavin ; O'Keefe, SimonA Case Study of Distributed Music Audio Analysis Using the Geddei Processing FrameworkPOS 
Details4862004Wust, Otto ; Celma, √íscarAn MPEG-7 Database System and Application for Content-Based Management and Retrieval of MusicPOS 
Details4892004Yang, Dan ; Lee, WonSookDisambiguating Music Emotion Using Software AgentsPAP 
Details4912004Yoshii, Kazuyoshi ; Goto, Masataka ; Okuno, Hiroshi G.Automatic Drum Sound Description for Real-World Music Using Template Adaptation and Matching MethodsPAP 
Details4922004Yoshioka, Takuya ; Kitahara, Tetsuro ; Komatani, Kazunori ; Ogata, Tetsuya ; Okuno, Hiroshi G.Automatic Chord Transcription with Concurrent Recognition of Chord Symbols and BoundariesPAP 
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