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Details4862004Wust, Otto ; Celma, ÒscarAn MPEG-7 Database System and Application for Content-Based Management and Retrieval of MusicPOS 
Details12312012Wülfing, Jan ; Riedmiller, MartinUnsupervised Learning of Local Features for Music ClassificationPOS139-144
Details10952011Wu, Fu-Hai Frank ; Lee, Tsung-Chi ; Jang, Jyh-Shing Roger ; Chang, Kaichun K. ; Lu, Chun Hung ; Wang, Wen NanA Two-Fold Dynamic Programming Approach to Beat Tracking for Audio Music with Time-Varying TempoPAP191-196
Details7652008Wright, Matthew ; Tzanetakis, George ; Schloss, AndrewAnalyzing Afro-Cuban Rhythm Using Rotation-Aware Clave Template Matching with Dynamic ProgrammingPAP647-652
Details4852006Woodruff, John ; Pardo, Bryan ; Dannenberg, Roger B.Remixing Stereo Music with Score-Informed Source Separation PAP 
Details7482008Woodruff, John ; Li, Yipeng ; Wang, DeLiangResolving Overlapping Harmonics for Monaural Musical Sound Separation Using Pitch and Common Amplitude ModulationPAP538-543
Details4822003Wood, Gavin ; O'Keefe, SimonQuantitative comparisons into content-based music recognition with the self organising mapPOS 
Details4832004Wood, Gavin ; O'Keefe, SimonA Case Study of Distributed Music Audio Analysis Using the Geddei Processing FrameworkPOS 
Details4842005Wood, Gavin ; O'Keefe, SimonOn Techniques for Content-Based Visual Annotation to Aid Intra-Track Music NavigationPAP58-65
Details9352010Wolkowicz, Jacek ; Kešelj, Vladof(MIR): Predicting Development of Research in Music Based on Parallels with Natural Language ProcessingPAP665-667
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