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Details12012012Hu, Xiao ; Yang, Yi-HsuanMusic Affect Recognition: The State-of-the-art and Lessons LearnedTUT 
Details12002012McDermott, Josh ; Pardo, Bryan ; Rafii, ZafarLeveraging Repetition to Parse the Auditory SceneTUT 
Details12005Abdallah, Samer A. ; Noland, Katy ; Sandler, Mark ; Casey, Michael ; Rhodes, ChristopheTheory and Evaluation of a Bayesian Music Structure ExtractorPOS 
Details62003Allamanche, Eric ; Herre, Jürgen ; Hellmuth, Oliver ; Kastner, Thorsten ; Ertel, ChristianA multiple feature model for musical similarity retrievalPOS 
Details92002Chaudhary, AmarAn Extensible Representation for PlaylistsPOS293-294
Details102005Amatriain, Xavier ; Massaguer, Jordi ; García, David ; Mosquera, IsmaelThe CLAM Annotator: A Cross-Platform Audio Descriptors Editing ToolPOS 
Details122003Arifi, Vlora ; Clausen, Michael ; Kurth, Frank ; Müller, MeinardAutomatic synchronization of music data in score-, MIDI- and PCM-formatPOS 
Details172003Bainbridge, David ; Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Downie, J. StephenAnalysis of queries to a Wizard-of-Oz MIR system: Challenging assumptions about what people really wantPOS 
Details202002Bainbridge, David ; McPherson, John R. ; Cunningham, Sally JoForming a Corpus of Voice Queries for Music Information RetrievalPOS289-290
Details212004Bainbridge, David ; Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Downie, J. StephenGREENSTONE as a Music Digital Library ToolkitPOS 
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