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Details4092000Selfridge-Field, EleanorWhat Motivates a Musical Query?INV2p.
Details4552000Tzanetakis, George ; Cook, PerryAudio Information Retrieval (AIR) ToolsPAP10p.
Details4562000Uitdenbogerd, Alexandra L.Music IR: Past, Present, and FutureINV2p.
Details4582000Uitdenbogerd, Alexandra L. ; Zobel, JustinMusic Ranking Techniques Evaluated POS2p.
Details4692000Schroeter, Thomas von ; Doraisamy, Shyamala C. ; Rüger, Stefan M.From Raw Polyphonic Audio to Locating Recurring ThemesPOS2p.
Details72001Allamanche, Eric ; Herre, Jürgen ; Hellmuth, Oliver ; Fröba, Bernhard ; Kastner, Thorsten ; Cremer, MarkusContent-based Identification of Audio Material Using MPEG-7 Low Level DescriptionPAP197-204
Details242001Barthélemy, JérômeFigured Bass and Tonality RecognitionPAP129-136
Details362001Birmingham, William P. ; Dannenberg, Roger B. ; Wakefield, Gregory H. ; Bartsch, Mark A. ; Mazzoni, Dominic ; Meek, Colin ; Mellody, Maureen ; Rand, WilliamMUSART: Music Retrieval Via Aural QueriesPAP73-81
Details632001Hsu, Jia-Lien ; Chen, Arbee L. P.Building a Platform for Performance Study of Various Music Information Retrieval ApproachesPAP153-162
Details772001Cope, DavidComputer Analysis of Musical AllusionsINV 
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