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Details3032005Meredith, David ; Wiggins, Geraint A.Comparing Pitch Spelling AlgorithmsPAP280-287
Details3042005Mesaros, Annamaria ; Astola, JaakkoThe Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients in the Context of Singer IdentificationPOS 
Details3052004Mitchell Parry, Robert ; Essa, IrfanFeature Weighting for SegmentationPOS 
Details3062006Moelants, Dirk ; Cornelis, Olmo ; Leman, Marc ; Gansemans, Jos ; De Caluwe, Rita ; De Tré, Guy ; Matthé, Tom ; Hallez, AxelProblems and Opportunities of Applying Data and Audio Mining Techniques to Ethnic MusicPOS 
Details3072005Norowi, Noris Mohd ; Doraisamy, Shyamala C. ; Wirza, RahmitaFactors Affecting Automatic Genre Classification: An Investigation Incorporating Non-Western Musical FormsPAP13-20
Details3082005Mörchen, Fabian ; Ultsch, Alfred ; Nöcker, Mario ; Stamm, ChristianDatabionic Visualization of Music Collections According to Perceptual DistancePAP396-403
Details3092006Mountain, RosemaryName that mood! Describe that tune! Invitation to the IMPPOS 
Details3102006Müller, Meinard ; Mattes, Henning ; Kurth, FrankAn Efficient Multiscale Approach to Audio SynchronizationPAP 
Details3112005Müller, Meinard ; Kurth, Frank ; Clausen, MichaelAudio Matching via Chroma-Based Statistical FeaturesPAP288-295
Details3122004Müllensiefen, Daniel ; Frieler, KlausOptimizing Measures Of Melodic Similarity For The Exploration Of A Large Folk Song DatabasePAP 
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