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Details10192010Hsu, Chao-Ling ; Jang, Jyh-Shing RogerSinging Pitch Extraction by Voice Vibrato / Tremolo Estimation and Instrument Partial DeletionPAP525-530
Details10182010Gärtner, DanielSinging / Rap Classification of Isolated Vocal TracksPAP519-524
Details10172010Mak, Chun-Man ; Lee, Tan ; Senapati, Suman ; Yeung, Yu-Ting ; Lam, Wang-KongSimilarity Measures for Chinese Pop Music Based on Low-level Audio Signal AttributesPAP513-518
Details10162010Bergstra, James ; Mandel, Michael I. ; Eck, DouglasScalable Genre and Tag Prediction with Spectral CovariancePAP507-512
Details10152010Marsden, AlanRecognition of Variations Using Automatic Schenkerian ReductionPAP501-506
Details10142010Crawford, Tim ; Mauch, Matthias ; Rhodes, ChristopheRecognising Classical Works in Historical RecordingsPAP495-500
Details10132010Dessein, Arnaud ; Cont, Arshia ; Lemaitre, GuillaumeReal-time Polyphonic Music Transcription with Non-negative Matrix Factorization and Beta-divergencePAP489-494
Details10122010Jewell, Michael O. ; Rhodes, Christophe ; d’Inverno, MarkQuerying Improvised Music: Do You Sound Like Yourself?PAP483-488
Details10112010Maezawa, Akira ; Goto, Masataka ; Okuno, Hiroshi G.Query-by-conducting: An Interface to Retrieve Classical-music Interpretations by Real-time Tempo InputPAP477-482
Details10102010Chuan, Ching-Hua ; Chew, ElaineQuantifying the Benefits of Using an Interactive Decision Support Tool for Creating Musical Accompaniment in a Particular StylePAP471-476
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