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Details4942004Zadel, Mark ; Fujinaga, IchiroWeb Services for Music Information RetrievalPAP 
Details6522004Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Bainbridge, DavidMachine Learning for Music Information RetrievalTUT 
Details6532004Amatriain, Xavier ; Tzanetakis, GeorgeSoftware Frameworks for Analysis of Audio and Music SignalsTUT 
Details6542004Chew, ElaineMusical Knowledge, Computational Models and RetrievalTUT20p.
Details12005Abdallah, Samer A. ; Noland, Katy ; Sandler, Mark ; Casey, Michael ; Rhodes, ChristopheTheory and Evaluation of a Bayesian Music Structure ExtractorPOS 
Details32005Adams, Norman H. ; Marquez, Daniela ; Wakefield, Gregory H.Iterative Deepening for Melody Alignment and RetrievalPAP199-206
Details102005Amatriain, Xavier ; Massaguer, Jordi ; García, David ; Mosquera, IsmaelThe CLAM Annotator: A Cross-Platform Audio Descriptors Editing ToolPOS 
Details152005Aucouturier, Jean-Julien ; Pachet, FrançoisRingomatic: A Real-Time Interactive Drummer Using Constraint-Satisfaction and Drum Sound DescriptorsPAP412-419
Details292005Bell, Tim ; Blizzard, David ; Green, Richard ; Bainbridge, DavidDesign of a Digital Music StandPOS 
Details302005Bello, Juan Pablo ; Pickens, JeremyA Robust Mid-Level Representation for Harmonic Content in Music SignalsPAP304-311
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