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Details2612005Liang, Wei ; Zhang, Shuwu ; Xu, BoA Histogram Algorithm for Fast Audio RetrievalPOS 
Details2632005Lidy, Thomas ; Rauber, AndreasEvaluation of Feature Extractors and Psycho-Acoustic Transformations for Music Genre ClassificationPAP34-41
Details2692005Lobb, Richard ; Bell, Tim ; Bainbridge, DavidFast Capture of Sheet Music for an Agile Digital Music LibraryPAP145-152
Details2752005L├╝bbers, DominikSoniXplorer: Combining Visualization and Auralization for Content-Based Exploration of Music CollectionsPOS 
Details2802005Mandel, Michael I. ; Ellis, Daniel P. W.Song-Level Features and Support Vector Machines for Music ClassificationPOS 
Details2892005McEnnis, Daniel ; McKay, Cory ; Fujinaga, Ichiro ; Depalle, PhilippejAudio: An Feature Extraction LibraryPOS 
Details2932005McKay, Cory ; Fiebrink, Rebecca ; McEnnis, Daniel ; Li, Beinan ; Fujinaga, IchiroACE: A Framework for Optimizing Music ClassificationPAP42-49
Details3022005Meng, Anders ; Shawe-Taylor, JohnAn Investigation of Feature Models for Music Genre Classification Using the Support Vector ClassifierPOS 
Details3032005Meredith, David ; Wiggins, Geraint A.Comparing Pitch Spelling AlgorithmsPAP280-287
Details3042005Mesaros, Annamaria ; Astola, JaakkoThe Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients in the Context of Singer IdentificationPOS 
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