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Details10412010Bol, Chris ; Burgt, Stan van de ; Vries, Arjen deCloudspeakersDEM 
Details10402010Chen, RuofengFight Against Variant Tempo: Query by Humming and ClappingDEM 
Details10392010Müller, Meinard ; Konz, Verena ; Grosche, Peter ; Jiang, Nanzhu ; Zuo, ZheA Novel Timeline Adjustment Functionality for the Interpretation SwitcherDEM 
Details10382010Stober, Sebastian ; Nürnberger, AndreasMusicGalaxy: An Adaptive User-Interface for Exploratory Music RetrievalDEM 
Details10372010Gold, Nicolas ; Krinke, Jens ; Harman, Mark ; Binkley, DavidClone Detection for Max/MSP Patch LibrariesDEM 
Details10362010Ewert, Sebastian ; Müller, MeinardScore-Informed Audio ParametrizationDEM 
Details10352010Kamado, Noriyoshi ; Nawata, Hiroyuki ; Saruwatari, Hiroshi ; Shikano, KiyohiroInteractive Controller for Audio Object Localization and Automatic Thumbnail Music GeneratorDEM 
Details10342010McVicar, Matt ; De Bie, TijlExploiting Online Resources to Improve Chord Recognition Accuracy.DEM 
Details10332010Mauch, Matthias ; Fujihara, Hiromasa ; Goto, MasatakaSong Prompter: An Accompaniment System based on the Automatic Alignment of Lyrics and Chords to AudioDEM 
Details10322010Velarde, GisselPattern Identification in Melody via WaveletsDEM 
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