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Details252004Basili, Roberto ; Serafini, Alfredo ; Stellato, ArmandoClassification of musical genre: a machine learning approachPOS 
Details262000Batlle, Eloi ; Cano, PedroAutomatic Segmentation for Music Classification using Competitive Hidden Markov ModelsPOS2p.
Details272002Baumann, Stephan ; Klüter , AndreasSuper-Convenience for Non-musicans: Querying MP3 and the Semantic WebPOS297-298
Details292005Bell, Tim ; Blizzard, David ; Green, Richard ; Bainbridge, DavidDesign of a Digital Music StandPOS 
Details322000Bendor, Daniel ; Sandler, MarkTime Domain Extraction of Vibrato from Monophonic InstrumentsPOS2p.
Details392005Bray, Stuart ; Tzanetakis, GeorgeDistributed Audio Feature Extraction for MusicPOS 
Details422005Burgoyne, John Ashley ; Saul, Lawrence K.Learning Harmonic Relationships in Digital Audio with Dirichlet-Based Hidden Markov ModelsPOS 
Details442005Cabral, Giordano ; Pachet, François ; Briot, Jean-PierreAutomatic X Traditional Descriptor Extraction: the Case of Chord RecognitionPOS 
Details452006Cahill, Margaret ; Ó Maidín, Donncha S.Assessing the Performance of Melodic Similarity Algorithms Using Human Judgments of SimilarityPOS 
Details462005Cahill, Margaret ; Ó Maidín, Donncha S.Melodic Similarity Algorithms -- Using Similarity Ratings for Development and Early EvaluationPOS 
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