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Details10312010Tarrasch, RicardoFrom Theory to Practice: The Development and Application of a Music Classification and Content Personalization Hybrid SystemDEM 
Details10502010Page, Kevin R. ; Fields, Benjamin ; Crawford, Tim ; De Roure, David ; O'Neill, Gianni ; Nagel, Bart J.Semantics for Signal and Result Collections through Linked Data: How Country is my Country?DEM 
Details10512010Casey, Michael ; Topel, Spencer S.Timbre-Based Percussive Rhythm Classification and RetrievalDEM 
Details10522010Jacobson, Kurt ; Dixon, Simon ; Sandler, MarkLinkedBrainz: Providing the MusicBrainz Next Generation Schema as Linked DataDEM 
Details10532010Hirjee, Hussein ; Brown, Daniel G.Rhyme Analyzer: An Analysis Tool for Rap LyricsDEM 
Details10542010Dressler, KarinAudio Melody Extraction: Late Breaking at ISMIR 2010DEM 
Details10552010Eck, Douglas ; Orpinel, Jorge ; Weiss, Ron J. ; Bello, Juan PabloGordon Music Collection Database Management SystemDEM 
Details10562010Grunberg, David ; Batula, Alyssa ; Lofaro, Daniel M. ; Oh, JunHo ; Oh, Paul Y. ; Kim, Youngmoo E.Towards Music Performing HumanoidsDEM 
Details10572010Zhu, Guojun ; West, Kris ; Kumar, Amit ; Shirk, Andrew ; Ehmann, Andreas F. ; Bay, Mert ; Downie, J. StephenMIREX-DIY under NEMADEM 
Details10582010Wolf, KatieAnna E. ; Chew, ElaineEvaluation of Performance-to-Score MIDI Alignment of Piano DuetsDEM 
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