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Details282004Baumann, Stephan ; Pohle, Tim ; Shankar, VembuTowards a Socio-cultural Compatibility of MIR SystemsPAP 
Details13092012Baumann, Stephan ; Schirru, RafaelUsing Linked Open Data for Novel Artist RecommendationsDEM 
Details7872009Baur, Dominikus ; Langer, Tim ; Butz, AndreasShades of Music: Letting Users Discover Sub-Song SimilaritiesPOS111-115
Details10212010Baur, Dominikus ; Steinmayr, Bartholomäus ; Butz, AndreasSongWords: Exploring Music Collections Through LyricsPAP531-536
Details12612012Bay, Mert ; Ehmann, Andreas F. ; Beauchamp, James W. ; Smaragdis, Paris ; Downie, J. StephenSecond Fiddle is Important Too: Pitch Tracking Individual Voices in Polyphonic MusicPOS319-324
Details8212009Bay, Mert ; Ehmann, Andreas F. ; Downie, J. StephenEvaluation of Multiple-F0 Estimation and Tracking SystemsPOS315-320
Details292005Bell, Tim ; Blizzard, David ; Green, Richard ; Bainbridge, DavidDesign of a Digital Music StandPOS 
Details5742007Bello, Juan PabloAudio-Based Cover Song Retrieval Using Approximate Chord Sequences: Testing Shifts, Gaps, Swaps and BeatsPAP239-244
Details8572009Bello, Juan PabloGrouping Recorded Music by Structural SimilarityPAP531-536
Details312000Bello, Juan Pablo ; Monti, Giuliano ; Sandler, MarkTechniques for Automatic Music TranscriptionPAP8p.
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