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Details6232001Cope, DavidComputer Analysis of Musical AllusionsINV83-84
Details6242001Dunn, Jon W. ; Davidson, Mary Wallace ; Isaacson, Eric J.Indiana University Digital Music Library Project: An UpdatePAP137-138
Details6252001Aucouturier, Jean-Julien ; Sandler, MarkUsing Long-Term Structure to Retrieve Music: Representation and MatchingPOS1-2
Details6262001Cano, Pedro ; Kaltenbrunner, Martin ; Mayor, Oscar ; Batlle, EloiStatistical Significance in Song-Spotting in AudioPOS3-4
Details6272001Downie, J. StephenMusic Information Retrieval Annotated Bibliography Website Project, Phase IPOS5-7
Details6282001Fernström, Mikael ; Ó Maidín, Donncha S.Computer-supported Browsing for MIRPOS9-10
Details6292001Lemström, Kjell ; Wiggins, Geraint A. ; Meredith, DavidA Three-Layer Approach for Music Retrieval in Large DatabasesPOS13-14
Details6302001MacMillan, Karl ; Droettboom, Michael ; Fujinaga, IchiroGamera: A Structured Document Recognition Application Development EnvironmentPOS15-16
Details6312001Mazzoni, Dominic ; Dannenberg, Roger B.Melody Matching Directly from AudioPOS17-18
Details6322001McPherson, John R. ; Bainbridge, DavidUsage of the MELDEX Digital Music LibraryPOS19-20
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