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Details10662010Wang, Chung-Che ; Jang, Jyh-Shing Roger ; Wang, WennenAn Improved Query by Singing / Humming System Using Melody and Lyrics InformationPAP45-50
Details4722002Wang, Chaokun ; Li, Jianzhong ; Shi, ShengfeiA Kind of Content-Based Music Information Retrieval Method in Peer-to-Peer EnvironmentPAP178-186
Details4712003Wang, AveryAn Industrial Strength Audio Search AlgorithmINV7-13
Details4702005Walser, Robert YoungHerding FolksongsPOS 
Details6792008Volk, Anja ; Van Kranenburg, Peter ; Garbers, Jörg ; Wiering, Frans ; Veltkamp, Remco C. ; Grijp, Louis P.A Manual Annotation Method for Melodic Similarity and the Study of Melody Feature SetsPAP101-106
Details6092007Volk, Anja ; Garbers, Jörg ; van Kranenburg, Peter ; Wiering, Frans ; Veltkamp, Remco C. ; Grijp, Louis P.Applying Rhythmic Similarity Based on Inner Metric Analysis to Folksong ResearchPOS293-296
Details11232011Viro, VladimirPeachnote: Music Score Search and Analysis PlatformPAP359-362
Details4682002Vinet, Hugues ; Herrera-Boyer, Perfecto ; Pachet, FrançoisThe CUIDADO ProjectPAP197-203
Details4672004Vincent, Emmanuel ; Rodet, XavierInstrument identification in solo and ensemble music using Independent Subspace AnalysisPAP 
Details9342010Vincent, Emmanuel ; Raczyński, Stanisław A. ; Ono, Nobutaka ; Sagayama, Shigekif(MIR): A Roadmap Towards Versatile MIRPAP662-664
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