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Details4212002Song, Jungmin ; Bae, So Young ; Yoon, KyoungroMid-Level Music Melody Representation of Polyphonic Audio for Query-by-Humming SystemPAP133-139
Details3612002Pickens, Jeremy ; Bello, Juan Pablo ; Monti, Giuliano ; Crawford, Tim ; Dovey, Matthew J. ; Sandler, Mark ; Byrd, DonaldPolyphonic Score Retrieval Using Polyphonic Audio Queries: A Harmonic Modeling ApproachPAP140-149
Details3452002Paulus, Jouni ; Klapuri, AnssiMeasuring the similarity of Rhythmic PatternsPAP150-156
Details132002Aucouturier, Jean-Julien ; Pachet, Fran├žoisMusic Similarity Measures: What's the use?PAP157-163
Details2182002Kim, Youngmoo E. ; Whitman, BrianSinger Identification in Popular Music using Voice Coding FeaturesPAP164-169
Details1222002Ellis, Daniel P. W. ; Whitman, Brian ; Berenzweig, Adam ; Lawrence, SteveThe Quest for Ground Truth in Musical Artist SimilarityPAP170-177
Details4722002Wang, Chaokun ; Li, Jianzhong ; Shi, ShengfeiA Kind of Content-Based Music Information Retrieval Method in Peer-to-Peer EnvironmentPAP178-186
Details3472002Pauws, SteffenCubyHum: A Fully Pperational Query by Humming SystemPAP187-196
Details4682002Vinet, Hugues ; Herrera-Boyer, Perfecto ; Pachet, Fran├žoisThe CUIDADO ProjectPAP197-203
Details4572002Uitdenbogerd, Alexandra L. ; van Schyndel, RonA Review of Factors Affecting Music Recommender SuccessPAP204-208
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