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Details992005Dixon, Simon ; Widmer, GerhardMATCH: A Music Alignment Tool ChestPOS 
Details1012005Doets, P. J. O. ; Lagendijk, R. L.Extracting Quality Parameters for Compressed Audio from FingerprintsPOS 
Details1022006Doraisamy, Shyamala C. ; Adnan, Hamdan ; Norowi, Noris MohdTowards a MIR System for Malaysian Music - POS 
Details1032003Doraisamy, Shyamala C. ; Rüger, Stefan M.Position Indexing of Adjacent and Concurrent N-Grams for Polyphonic Music RetrievalPOS 
Details1092002Downie, J. Stephen ; Cunningham, Sally JoToward a Theory of Music Information Retrieval Queries: System Design ImplicationsPOS299-300
Details1132004Droettboom, Michael ; Fujinaga, IchiroMicro-level groundtruthing environment for OMRPOS 
Details1162005Eck, Douglas ; Casagrande, NormanFinding Meter in Music Using An Autocorrelation Phase Matrix and Shannon EntropyPOS 
Details1202006Eichner, Matthias ; Wolff, Matthias ; Hoffmann, RüdigerInstrument Classification using HMMPOS 
Details1252002Feng, Yazhong ; Zhuang, Yueting ; Pan, YunhePopular Music Retrieval by Independent Component AnalysisPOS281-282
Details1262006Fiebrink, Rebecca ; Fujinaga, IchiroFeature Selection Pitfalls and Music ClassificationPOS 
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