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Details5652007Mauch, Matthias ; Dixon, Simon ; Harte, Christopher ; Casey, Michael ; Fields, BenjaminDiscovering Chord Idioms Through Beatles and Real Book SongsPAP255-258
Details5632007Burgoyne, John Ashley ; Pugin, Laurent ; Kereliuk, Corey ; Fujinaga, IchiroA Cross-Validated Study of Modelling Strategies for Automatic Chord Recognition in AudioPAP251-254
Details5892007Lee, Kyogu ; Slaney, MalcolmA Unified System for Chord Transcription and Key Extraction Using Hidden Markov ModelsPAP245-250
Details5742007Bello, Juan PabloAudio-Based Cover Song Retrieval Using Approximate Chord Sequences: Testing Shifts, Gaps, Swaps and BeatsPAP239-244
Details5532007Leveau, Pierre ; Sodoyer, David ; Daudet, LaurentAutomatic Instrument Recognition in a Polyphonic Mixture Using Sparse RepresentationsPAP233-236
Details5552007Roy, Pierre ; Pachet, François ; Krakowski, SergioImproving the Classification of Percussive Sounds with Analytical Features: A Case StudyPAP229-232
Details5472007Paulus, Jouni ; Klapuri, AnssiCombining Temporal and Spectral Features in HMM-Based Drum TranscriptionPAP225-228
Details5832007Gillet, Olivier K. ; Richard, GaëlSupervised and Unsupervised Sequence Modelling for Drum TranscriptionPAP219-224
Details5942007Martins, Luis Gustavo ; Burred, Juan José ; Tzanetakis, George ; Lagrange, MathieuPolyphonic Instrument Recognition Using Spectral ClusteringPAP213-218
Details5692007Deliège, François ; Pedersen, Torben BachFuzzy Song Sets for Music WarehousesPAP21-26
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