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Details372002Blandford, Ann ; Stelmaszewska, HannaUsability of Musical Digital Libraries: a Multimodal AnalysisPAP231-237
Details12162012Böck, Sebastian ; Krebs, Florian ; Schedl, MarkusEvaluating the Online Capabilities of Onset Detection MethodsPOS49-54
Details10792011Bogdanov, Dmitry ; Herrera, PerfectoHow Much Metadata Do We Need in Music Recommendation? A Subjective Evaluation Using Preference SetsPAP97-102
Details8682009Bohak, Ciril ; Marolt, MatijaCalculating Similarity of Folk Song Variants with Melody-Based FeaturesPOS597-601
Details12832012Bohak, Ciril ; Marolt, MatijaFinding Repeating Stanzas in Folk SongsPOS451-456
Details10412010Bol, Chris ; Burgt, Stan van de ; Vries, Arjen deCloudspeakersDEM 
Details382000Bonardi, AlainIR for Contemporary Music: What the Musicologist NeedsINV5p.
Details13012012Bosch, Juan J. ; Janer, Jordi ; Fuhrmann, Ferdinand ; Herrera, PerfectoA Comparison of Sound Segregation Techniques for Predominant Instrument Recognition in Musical Audio SignalsPAP559-564
Details4622006Bosma, Martijn ; Veltkamp, Remco C. ; Wiering, FransMuugle: A Modular Music Information Retrieval FrameworkPOS 
Details8272009Bosteels, Klaas ; Pampalk, Elias ; Kerre, Etienne E.Evaluating and Analysing Dynamic Playlist Generation Heuristics Using Radio Logs and Fuzzy Set TheoryPAP351-356
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