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Details1342002Fujinaga, Ichiro ; Riley, JennDigital Image Capture of Musical ScoresĀ POS261-262
Details2462002Lee, Jin Ha ; Downie, J. Stephen ; Renear, AllenRepresenting Traditional Korean Music Notation in XMLPOS263-264
Details1312002Foote, Jonathan ; Cooper, Matthew ; Nam, UnjungAudio Retrieval by Rhythmic SimilarityPOS265-266
Details3422002Pardo, Bryan ; Birmingham, William P.Encoding Timing Information for Musical Query MatchingPOS267-268
Details2392002Lartillot, OlivierIntegrating Pattern Matching into an Analogy-Oriented Pattern Discovery FrameworkPOS269-270
Details1722002Heittola, Toni ; Klapuri, AnssiLocating Segments with Drums in Music SignalsPOS271-272
Details2852002Marolt, Matija ; DivjakĀ , SasaOn Detecting Repeated Notes in Piano MusicPOS273-274
Details502002Cano, Pedro ; Kaltenbrunner, Martin ; Gouyon, Fabien ; Batlle, EloiOn the Use of FastMap for Audio Retrieval and BrowsingPOS275-276
Details2812002Mandl, Thomas ; Womser-Hacker, ChristaLearning to Cope with Diversity in Music RetrievalPOS277-278
Details4222002Sorsa, Timo ; Halonen, KatriinaMobile Melody Recognition System with Voice-Only User InterfacePOS279-280
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